Customer Service Hacks Every Business Should Use

Customer satisfaction means something slightly different across different industries, but it’s crucially important to all. Customer service can make or break your business. Maintaining good customer relationships (and therefore a good image with the public) is key for any successful, lasting business. Customer service has a large part in establishing, building and keeping client relationships. Let our tips inspire you.

Customer Service Essentials for All Industries

Showing you genuinely care about your customer’s need or concern, and plan to help them, can diffuse most frustrations your client feels. Try these tips:

Show eagerness to help, and friendliness, with a smile

Even if you only deal with clients by phone, the smile will show in your voice. (At come firms, CSRs and salespeople keep a mirror at their desk, reminding them to smile into the phone. Positive body language (like eye contact) and facial expression (or friendly, approachable tone of voice) starts your interaction off positively, even if the customer is here to complain.

Be welcoming

Remember that the customer has other options, so make sure they feel very comfortable when dealing with your company. Maintain a genuinely upbeat manner, without seeming artificial.

Listen and empathize

Listening carefully is key to understanding customer concerns/needs. Don’t appear distracted or too busy to hear them out. Focus. After listening attentively, express your empathy with a phrase like, “I can see why you’re frustrated. That’s certainly not the experience we want you to have. Let’s see how I can take care of this issue for you today.” (Adjust this and all tips to fit your particular business and customer concern, of course.)

Be a valuable resource

Provide expert advice or necessary details to your customer. Know your business/product line inside out, so that you’re a wellspring of information.

Follow through

Do what you’ve promised, so the customer knows they can count on you.

After all, it’s “how you make then feel” that’s fundamental for your company

The overall customer experience you provide is what people remember. Doing customer care right wins you loyalty, referrals and business growth. For all your business funding needs, and excellent customer service, contact Qivist Commercial Loan Solutions today.

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